[Portable] Drivers Backup Solution v3.9.21 [Cameyo]...

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[Portable] Drivers Backup Solution v3.9.21 [Cameyo]...

Post by -=[4lfre1re]=- » Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:14 pm

[Portable] Drivers Backup Solution v3.9.21 [Cameyo]...

Note: For me it's the best program I've tried to backup drivers...

This program is designed to create backup copies of device drivers. The program also finds the drivers for the non-living "units." The program can create 7z-archives, which can later be used as the driver packages in the program Drivers Installer Assistant.

Drivers BackUp Solution
is comparable in functionality and results of their work programs such as Double Driver, Driver Magician Lite, and many other existing programs for backing up drivers.

One which the program does not (and probably will not), so it is restoring the drivers from the backup, but with that you yourself know very well cope Drivers Installer Assistant.

It is possible that the functional of the program later will be part of Drivers Installer Assistant.

Main features:
• Information about all the drivers installed on your system (for active and inactive devices)
• Selection of information to the filter
• Create a backup driver (Structured directory or 7z-archive using the console archiver 7-zip)
• The check program updates
• Support multi-language interface
• Support all Windows, from Windows NT 2000 SP4
• Debug mode with a record of information in the log file
• Built-in error handler
• Register missing components for the normal functioning of the program (MSFLXGRD.OCX, RICHTX32.OCX, vbscript.dll)

Program is written on VB6, so you can will be necessary some libraries. For installing the libraries you can download and install VB runtimes. Main libraries are enclosed in in body of the program.

At error program will offer to create the log. Send on mail at finding such.

Also advisable at error to enable debugging mode in adjustment and created log also to attach to letter.

Cheers... ;-)

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Re: [Portable] Drivers Backup Solution v3.9.21 [Cameyo]...

Post by IceLancer » Sun May 08, 2016 11:38 am

Love this one!

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